Peace Prize Winning Businesses

It’s not often you hear of businesses recognized for their peaceful tactics, yet I believe we’ll see it happen more often in the near future.  There are many businesses seeking to do business more peaceably and working to create more rewards and successes for everyone at the same time.  Let’s talk about some characteristics of peaceful businesses:

1-They’re focused on win-win situations.  They’re not focused on wringing a client financially dry, doing financial (or other) harm to clients, getting their money and running, doing a shoddy job on the work or just doing an average job.  They seek to create successful relationships that, whether they’re long or short term, are beneficial to all parties involved.

2-They create partnerships.  True peaceful businesses are always looking to get into partnerships that are mutually beneficial.  It’s not about crushing the competition, but creating competitive advantages together.

3-They get recommendations.  Peaceful businesses are those who are automatically recommended by their clients.  They don’t have to ask for the recommendations, people immediately tell everyone they know (or at least a couple friends) about the business and how awesome their experience with it was.

What can you do in your business to create more peace?

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