Whole Living: Love

There’s a lot of talk about love, after all we’re in this season where we’re supposed to get those we love  (and even those we don’t) gifts to show our love for them.  There’s two “rules”, if you will, about love that I want to establish before we talk about anything else that has to do with love this month.

1-you have to love others.  We don’t live alone, we live surrounded by people, and it’s been said that it takes as few as 7 people connect us to everyone in the world.  And while you don’t have to love everyone, it certainly makes life a lot more pleasant to love others, than to hate them or be ambivalent towards them.  Loving others opens us to a world of possibilities, it enriches our personal worlds and makes our life journey more rewarding.  These things all lead me to the second rule:

2-you have to love yourself.  I’m not talking the overly obsessive personal love that we see displayed by some celebrities and other narcissists, I’m talking about genuinely being comfortable with who you are and accepting yourself.  I don’t think you can truly love others if you don’t love yourself. This also means that you have to accept the love that others give you, you can’t just love yourself.

What we learn is that love is part of living, with life comes the opportunity to love and with love comes the opportunity for a fulfilling life.  This leaves me with a tough question: what is more difficult for you, loving others, loving yourself, or accepting others’ love?

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