A Family Holiday

In the holiday season one of the best things is giving gifts!  There are tons of things you can give, but the one thing I heard from several people was that there was no “best gift” suggested this year.  So, to help you out, here are some ideas that you can give this year.

Give the gift of:

-food: there are tons of great food gifts including those sold in stores and mail order catalogs.   But, what better way to get involved with your family, or encourage some family time in another home than with gifts like mason jar recipes, and other food gifts.

-help: if you really don’t need anything else, you can always gift a ball to a person in a needy country, share toys or food with your local shelter or donate money to a program like FINCA.

-made by you: some of the most memorable gifts were those made by family and friends. Here are 10 food and craft ideas, and 40 last minute gift ideas you can make.

-homemade: yes, you can make your own gift, but if you’re looking for something with a little less work, visit Etsy.  It’s a fantastic market place where creative individuals share their gifts with the world.  If you want some suggestions, check out my Feature Friday posts and friends to see some of the creativity you can share with someone you love.

-you: the best thing you can give this year is yourself.  There’s always a shortage of time as far as relationships go, so if you don’t know what else to give, give the gift of time with you.  Maybe it’s a night out, maybe it’s a trip to the zoo just you and one child, maybe it means leaving work early one day to do something special that one child is involved in.

What are you giving this year?


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