12 Days of Business

In this festive season of the year, I thought I would share some song inspired thoughts with you.  Last week I shared about being committed to really serving your clients and customers.  Today, following along with the 12 Days of Christmas, here are 12 important things you can do in your business to show your commitment to your clients, as well as yourself.

1 have a vision and mission-this means your customers know where you’re coming from and you have something to help you make decisions.

2 blog posts-a simple way to share great value and reach out to those who may be clients in the future.

3 charge right-this is important for you and for them. If you charge too little they won’t value your service, and you’ll be miserable too.

4 newsletters-an important way to remind customers who you are, as well as share some fun thoughts with others.

5 website-one of the most important things in business today is your website.  It should have a clear call to action, as well as a great picture of you.

6 free gift-this is a great way to show your potential clients who you are, as well as surprise your current ones.

7 Facebook-an important way to keep in touch with people and create discussion around your product or service.

8 Twitter-a great way to connect with similar businesses, as well as meet potential clients.

9 Support a charity-giving back should be hardwired into all businesses.  Choose a charity that’s meaningful for you as well as something some clients could connect with.

10 video/audio-is a great way to get your voice out there!

11 customer benefits program-this is one way to show your customers how much they mean to you, and that you appreciate their referrals.

12 rest!– yes, above all else you have to get some rest.  If you can’t function right and aren’t clear headed, you won’t be able to serve your clients well.

While you don’t have to do all of these in your business (I can’t say I want any lords-o-leaping for Christmas), they are some of the major components that will help you be successful and grow your business in 2012 and beyond.


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