Whole Living: Kwanzaa

In our final week of 2011, it is only appropriate to think about the celebration of Kwanzaa.  What? You never celebrate it??  I actually think you have celebrated Kwanzaa, maybe not officially, but I think you have celebrated the message behind Kwanzaa before.  You see Kwanzaa is the celebration of family, community and culture.  We’ve seen a growing focus on these 3 things over 2011, and I want to challenge you to make these 3 things a priority in your life in 2012.

Family: there’s no better time than the present to tell the people closet to you that you love them, build a relationship with them or forgive them than the present.  Personally I’ve always wanted to spend more time with my extended family, but we’re so spread out around the USA that it is challenging.  I know for many people family is a very challenging or frustrating topic, but you were given them for a reason.  Maybe 2012 will be your year to discover what that reason was.

Community: we’ve seen many communities pulling together this year.  The world has had many natural disasters and challenges that brought communities together with both grieving and recovering.  There were several in the USA, and who could forget the disasters that rocked Japan this year?  But we’ve also seen communities pulling together in a different way: activism.  We’ve seen the Occupy groups around the USA, many gatherings in Egypt and in other countries around the world.  This year I think we’ll all be challenged to answer the question: what can you do for your community?

Culture: culture is changing as we know it.  We’re on Facebook and other social sites, growing together as we grow apart. Our world has become a connected group of cultures and it’s even easier with technology to blur the lines between traditional cultures.  We’ve had many people step up and say that they’re living more sustainably and with a better attitude and more care towards taking care of the planet.  It’s easier than ever to spread knowledge and we’re placing a higher value on our beliefs and ideas.  Culture will continue to help change the world, it’s up to each of us to decide what role we’ll play in that transformation.

What are your thoughts and goals for the family, community and culture in your life in 2012?

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