Peace Prize Winning Businesses

It’s not often you hear of businesses recognized for their peaceful tactics, yet I believe we’ll see it happen more often in the near future.  There are many businesses seeking to do business more peaceably and working to create more rewards and successes for everyone at the same time.  Let’s talk about some characteristics of peaceful businesses:

1-They’re focused on win-win situations.  They’re not focused on wringing a client financially dry, doing financial (or other) harm to clients, getting their money and running, doing a shoddy job on the work or just doing an average job.  They seek to create successful relationships that, whether they’re long or short term, are beneficial to all parties involved.

2-They create partnerships.  True peaceful businesses are always looking to get into partnerships that are mutually beneficial.  It’s not about crushing the competition, but creating competitive advantages together.

3-They get recommendations.  Peaceful businesses are those who are automatically recommended by their clients.  They don’t have to ask for the recommendations, people immediately tell everyone they know (or at least a couple friends) about the business and how awesome their experience with it was.

What can you do in your business to create more peace?

Whole Living: Blissful Brownies

This month has tons of yummy holidays and celebrations.  We started with pie day, and December continues with National Brownie Day on December 8th.  Enjoy these delicious delicacies!

Traditional Brownies:

Best fudge, hearts and bites, double chocolate.

Nutty Brownies:

Turtle, rocky road, rubble, peanut butter swirl, fruit and nuts and flax, chocolate caramel almond crunch, toffee.

Fun Brownies:

Chocolate mint, holiday mint ice cream sandwich, fudgy pretzel, mexican cinnamon, cream cheese, cappuccino, chocolate ginger, coconut swirl, red velvet swirl, cheesecake, spiderweb, spiced brownies with cream cheese, bourbon petit fours, orange kissed, white chocolate, butterscotch, gingerbread.

Better Brownies:

Better for you, light chocolate chunk, allergen free, whole grain, granola, gluten free.

I love the holidays and these brownies can make your celebrations special!  Enjoy!

A Disney Family

“A man should never neglect his family for business.”
Walt Disney

As I said on Monday, Disney’s birthday is coming up on this coming Monday, December 5th. Disney was a very wise and creative man, and he was also a family man.   As successful as Disney was, he made it a point to remember that life is all about family.  After all, Disney’s theme parks are all designed to be family friendly.

There are many things that compete for our attention, at the center of that right now is money.  Many families are struggling to have money to pay bills, let alone buy Christmas presents.  When the money fears take over, all members of the family can suffer.

But what we learn from Disney’s great parks, movies and ideas is that life is all about family.  And that there is nothing in the world that should make a family neglect, or ignore each other, especially in the holiday season.  So what can we do to share Disney’s love for life with our families this year (I’m talking about all kinds of family including adopted and families made of friends as well as traditional)?

1-spend time with those you love.  Notice I didn’t say spend money on those you love.  No matter what gift you think you want to give someone or think they want, they’ll always take love and time with you.

2-do free fun.  There are lots of free (or mostly free) options that you can do as a family this season.  You can drive around and look at lights, or participate in some town or church activities.

3-stay home together.  There are fun things to do right at home.  A few dollars will buy some craft material to make something fun, seasonal books are great to read together, and you can decorate a tree as a family.

This season, remember that at it’s very heart Christmas is all about family.  What ways will you spend time with yours?