2012 Business Focus: Leadership

As we get into this year I’ve made a decision that I think is pretty important: I’m going to be talking a lot about leadership.  All of my business posts on Twitter will be about leadership.  I’ve dedicated a whole month, August, to talking about leadership.   And as has been in the past, I’ll devote one post each month on this blog to leadership.


Because as many leaders have pointed out, there’s a serious need for good leadership in the business world, and the world at large.  Yes, there are a few good leaders left, and I’ll highlight one each month on Twitter, but the world can’t survive with only a handful of leaders.  We each need to bear some of the burden to transform the world into a place that’s led by quality people, people of substance, honest people, visionary people and people who are doing right by other people.

If you own a business you’re automatically given a position of leadership.  Are you being a good leader? Are you leading your clients with the qualities of a good leader?  Are you learning more and growing daily to become a better leader?  And are you taking responsibility for your mistakes and learning from them?  Your results will show what kind of a leader you are.

What’s your goal as a leader for 2012?

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