Business Connections

One of the things I love about being in business and running my own business is how “forced” I am to keep learning and seeing what others are doing in business. When I started my business a couple years ago I signed up for a ton of newsletters to see what people were doing and what they were learning and experiencing in their businesses.  Each week I still read a ton of newsletters and am excited to see the growth and transformations that have occurred in these businesses.

My point here is three fold:

1-as a business owner you need to know what’s going on in other businesses: not for reasons of competition but so that you know if you can support another business and to continue to be educated and grow personally and professionally.

2-we do repeat a lot of things.  I put my twist on leadership, you put yours on it, Darren Hardy shares his and John Maxwell has created a culture of leadership.  But each perspective shares different gems that may spark some inspiration in us in a different way.

3-There are thousands of great newsletters out there sharing lots of information that are really valuable, and as I’ve said one of the best ways to learn is from each other.  As a result I created a newsletter that I send out each week that highlights 10 or so newsletters or articles I think would benefit you and your business.  It sounds really simple and it is.  It’s nothing complicated but it highlights a few of the articles I think are worth reading each week.  It’s a chance for you not only to see what others are doing but be exposed to new companies and people.

If you’d like to sign up for this business growth newsletter, you can visit here (it’s easy to subscribe and unsubscribe if you don’t like it, and it’s free!).

Who has inspired you in your business journey?  Share your mentors and inspirations below.

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