Romance is in the Air

It’s February!  In the USA we take time in February to think about our relationships that we have and those we wish to have.  Many people have challenges with their relationships, it’s what happens when two different people come together and try to build a life together.  But, I don’t believe that all relationships need to be like pulling teeth, nor does it need to be Valentine’s Day to do something special with your special someone.  Here are 10 ideas that you can do any day of the week, and any time of the year to show your partner that you love them.

1-late night date night-the later the better!

2-sick days-yes, play hookey!

3-ice cream-cones or a pint to yourselves

4-hugs and kisses-any random time will do

5-surprise notes-when was the last time you had a note in your lunch?

6-coffee at lunch-no excuses here! Can’t do dinner? Make it lunch instead

7-pick your own-yes, go vegetable or fruit picking

8-cook together-fun and healthy!

9-go house dreaming-plan or just dream about your future together

10-take a walk-it’s a chance to connect, talk and get exercise!

What do you love to do on the spur of the moment with your partner?

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