A Vision for Business

A new month is here!  How have you been doing as a business owner this month?  Have you made some big steps forward?  I hope so!

Last week we talked about why branding was important to your survival as a business.  What do you think about your brand? Does it reflect who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish as a company?

One of the things I started doing this year was evaluating businesses and their websites to help them get clear on why they’re not getting as many clients as they could.  You know what amazed me the most?  How many companies were trying to be successful without a vision and mission!  Don’t believe it’s important?  Here’s my take:

It’s essential to have a vision and/or mission for the company.  It’s good to know what your ultimate goal is, what you’re in business for and to be able to have something to look towards when you have tough days.  A vision/mission also helps you decide if new products/services you’re considering fit in with the business as a whole.

Even more important than all of that, a vision or mission helps potential customers clearly identify with you on a personal level and helps to bring your company, brand, website, and services together.

A vision or mission statement doesn’t have to be anything complicated, it’s just you telling people where you’re going (or hoping to go) and why with the company.

Where should you put it?  It would fit perfectly on your website’s “About Us” page.

What’s your mission and/or vision statement?  Share yours below.

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