Heart Smart

We all know the basics to a healthy life right? Eat right, exercise, love people, and enjoy life.  Yet heart disease is still a big killer for both men and women.  So here are some suggestions that are easy enough to do and are a good start to getting your family healthy.


Cut down on red meat, processed meat, processed food, fatty foods and excess sugar and salt.

Start using more spices on your food and less fatty dressings/sauces.

Start drinking more water.

Start taking supplements that help your body function and heal from the harmful things in the environment.

Start eating whole grains, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Treat yourself to the occasional piece of chocolate with nuts, potato chips, ice cream or other “snack.”


Stop the excuses!

Start parking farther away from places and walking (stay safe though!)

Start stretching daily and exercising at least weekly (perhaps with a partner or best friend).

Love People:

Life is SHORT.  There’s absolutely no time to hold grudges, hate others, or stew in unforgiveness.

Enjoy Life:

Quit the miserable job.

Work where you actually enjoy and can contribute with passion, whether it’s a job or starting your own business.

Do something each day that makes you smile (no matter how silly or seemingly insignificant)!

What would you suggest people stop or start to not only benefit their hearts but also their lives? 

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