Love in Buisness

I could be wrong, but most likely one of the first reasons you started a business was because you wanted to do what you loved.  Am I wrong? Maybe it was about the money, but let’s face it, you probably didn’t start a business doing something you hate. One thing I always tell clients is that when you’re not excited or passionate about your work anymore, first remember why you’re running this business.  Second, re-evaluate what you’re doing and see if it is time to pass it off to someone else or make some changes.

I do the different things I do because I love doing them!  It’s been an exciting journey the past few years working on what I love and becoming successful doing them.  But, I know that when I start feeling agitated or start avoiding certain people or things it’s time to start changing.

I think the key to being successful, as an employee, employer, or business owner, is to do what you love, or at least be with those you love.  Everyone isn’t cut out to be CEO’s, nor is everyone able to do some of the tasks we take for granted.

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to make your employees love the job as much as possible.  No, they won’t love all the aspects, rules or responsibilities, but you can make the environment a happy one and teach them to do a good job representing you.

This month as we talk about love, think about what you love about your business.  Maybe you love the hours, money, clients, variety, flexibility, control, responsibility, adventure or just the journey.  Would you share what you love below?  Your love could inspire someone else.

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