Aaaand Action!

One of the biggest secrets to life is taking action.  You won’t get rich sitting on your butt at the beach, you won’t make friends sitting alone watching TV, you won’t get skinny eating churros and hot dogs, and you won’t save the world with your thinking.  Wallace D. Wattles said:

“…that every action is either strong or weak, and when every action is strong we are successful.”

First and most important, I want to encourage you to take action.  If you haven’t been taking action towards getting new clients, haven’t worked on your Facebook Page, don’t think you’ve seen your website in months and don’t know what your bank account looks like, get moving!  You can’t solve your problems or help anyone if you’re not taking action.

Second, take “strong” actions.  This means choosing to do things that make bigger impacts than things that make little impacts.  This means reading a John Maxwell book instead of Men’s Health, working on your website instead of another hour of TV, and giving extra attention to the clients that make you the biggest percentage of your money instead of selling inexpensive odds and ends on Ebay.

Can you start taking action and take strong actions at the same time?  Yes, but usually you have to learn what are strong actions for you, since my strong actions aren’t necessarily the same as yours.

However, don’t think that by always taking action you’ll end up far ahead (but that’s the topic for next week).

So today, what’s one action, or one strong action, you will take for your business or your life?

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