Be Yourself in Business

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”
Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss is a famous children’s book writer who could teach entrepreneurs a thing or two.  The quote I shared today speaks loud and clear about what your business should look like.  It should be unique.  It’s hard to be unique if you’re doing the same thing as others though.  Like a coach or social media support company.  But you can put your spin on it with your brand.  You can be a social media style company and show businesses how to put their style on social media, or you can be a coach that’s all about living on purpose. You can also do what Starbucks has done and create a place that has a unique place in the coffee and entertainment industries.

Chances are you didn’t get into business to fit in with everyone else, you got started to be different and do things your way, a better way.  If you’ve been in business for any period of time you’ve probably lost a bit of that initial sparkle, maybe life has beaten you down a bit.  My advice?

Do something fun.

Yep.  Go get creative with a paintbrush or camera.  Run a couple of miles or take a yoga class.  Spend time with your kids or volunteer at an animal shelter.  Do something that you enjoy that will get your mind back on track. Then clean up your business.  Just like houses need to be “spring cleaned”, your business needs cleaning too.  It needs a fresh coat of paint to bring that initial perspective and shine back.  Maybe you’d benefit from an outside opinion on how to get your business back on track (link).

What will you do to get a fresh perspective in your business?

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