Business Peace

This month we’re talking about peace on the blogs, newsletters, Facebook and Twitter.  It’s hard to find peace in this world, although it’s been pretty peaceful sitting outside in the surprisingly warm sun the past few days.  But the reality is that in business, most often what is found behind the office doors isn’t peace but a fight.  What is a businesses’ role in peace?

1-bringing peace to their customers.  While some businesses specialize in this, I believe all businesses need to recognize that part of their customer service is to make the customer’s interaction with them as peaceful and painless as possible.  Even more, the customer should feel better, aka more peaceful, after interacting with the company.

2-creating peace within the company.  Over the past decade or so we’ve heard stories of places like Zappos where people love to work and Starbucks who has created a community of employees and customers.  It’s not a myth, it’s not a ridiculous proposition-business (and the employee’s jobs) can be enjoyable and peaceful.

3-encouraging peace with the world.  As business owners we have a responsibility to take care of the earth we use to profit from.  This means participating in Earth Day, recycling instead of just throwing things out, and encouraging our employees and customers to interact with the world in a respectful way.

What if our attitude wasn’t about beating out the other companies and making the most money, but about bringing the most peace to the world?  It’s a big goal, and only working together, as companies, employees and customers could it happen.

What do you do to encourage peace in your business?

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