Eat Right Together

March is National Nutrition Month in the USA.  As families, it’s important to be not only feeding ourselves right but feeding our kids right too. Why? There are 3 main reasons we should consider when it comes to our nutrition:

1-childhood obesity, or even obesity for that matter.  As a culture we’ve gone over the top.  More than ever we’re seeing obesity in our kids and around our neighborhoods.  If your children are obese, it sets them up for health problems down the road, in fact, it’s almost a guarantee.

2-healthy weight loss.  Maybe you don’t eat only fast food for dinner but you’re not exactly in great shape.  Eating right is the first step to losing those pounds and looking (and feeling) better.

3-nutrition is your life.  You’ve got one body that you’re dealing with right now and it’s the only one you’ve got.  We haven’t gotten to where science can just give us a new body when we’re tired of the one we have so we have to make it last until we’re done with this life.

But it’s more than just looking good, it’s about feeling good inside and out.  It’s not easy to live in 2012, with the changes we’re experiencing and challenges we’re up against.  As humans we have more things going against us than we ever have in the past. But we’ve also got some great things going for us.  As a population we’re waking up and starting to get smart about our habits and choices.

The conversation continues on my Fresh Perspectives blog with some suggestions for eating and living.  What are you doing as a family to promote healthier eating?  Do you have tricks or tips?  I’d love to hear your suggestions.

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