Business Nutrition

This month in the USA we’re focusing on nutrition.  It’s an opportunity for teachers, doctors and parents to encourage good eating.  But when it comes to nutrition, what you eat impacts more than just your waist line.

Your appearance:

As a business owner you want to look healthy, well cared for and like you’re enjoying life.  Some potential clients will find an excuse to not work with you if you’re significantly overweight, look very stressed out or pull up with a box of donuts in your hand (unless it’s appropriate).

Your health:

Your body functions better when you eat right, so by not eating right you’re actually harming your business potential.  Feeding your body and brain the right food is essential to being creative, living long and being able to do all that your business demands.  Eating right will also help you not get as sick during flu season, which gives you more time to focus on business and life.

Full circle:

If you’re not caring enough for your body to feed it good things, chances are you’re neglecting not only your mind but also your business in some way.  Maybe you’re reading educational material but it’s only once a week.  Maybe you’re working with clients, but not seeking any new ones.  If you’re sliding on caring for one aspect of your life, chances are good there are other areas that are suffering too.

This week, take time to consider not only your physical eating habits, but also how you’re feeding and caring for your mind and business.

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