Family Peace

I know, you’re probably laughing at the title: peace, in my family?? It may seem impossible or impractical, but peace is essential.  It’s important for your sanity as well as your family’s healthy development.  Now it may be impractical to have lion-and-lamb peace, but let’s talk about how you can create some peace at least in your home.

1-start with some rules.  Yes, I know people love to break rules, and I know that often people learn well when they have a lot of flexibility. But when we’re talking about kids, they do need some structure.  Start with the simple stuff like cleaning up, speaking and behaving with manners and eating mostly healthy.

2-set quiet time.  Even when your kids are past the napping stage, have a period of quiet time when the TV and computer are off and video games are away.  The kids can quietly read, color or even take a nap.  You have to go along with this quiet time rule and do quiet things yourself!

3-communicate.  The more clearly you communicate with your kids and partner and the more clearly you teach your kids how to effectively communicate the easier it will be to have peace in your house.  If you can teach the communication you can avoid a lot of the fighting and screaming.  A great resource comes from the Scream Free Institute, great for parenting and relationships.

I know most families would like more peace in their homes, the sooner you start setting rules, establishing a quiet time and communicating, the sooner you’ll have more peace.  What do you do that helps establish peace in your home?

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