Success Stress

April is, among other things, stress awareness month.  It’s a time for us all to reflect on the stress in our lives and do something about it!  Yes, I’m making an assumption that you’ve got some stress in your life, and as a fellow business owner, I’m thinking that even if things are going well for you, you’ve got some stress in your life.

Here are my recommendations for reducing stress in your life.

1-accept that you’re stressed
Sometimes it’s difficult to even admit that we’re stressed.  We’ve got so much going on, so much that we’re responsible for, that it can be hard to even admit or see that we’ve got some stress.

2-discover what stresses you most
Once you’ve accepted that you’ve got stress, take time to figure out exactly what stresses you.  Is it marketing, billing, emails, networking?  Figure out what stresses you out, because from there you can…

3-make a plan to deal with the stress
It’s not enough to accept that you’re stressed and figure out what stresses you, it’s important to make an actionable plan to reduce the stress.  Come up with ways that you can either outsource, work out, motivate or reduce the things that stress you most.

4-ask for help
This is one of the most crucial parts.  If you can’t ask for help you’ll never be able to really reduce your stress.  I don’t just mean getting a VA (virtual assistant) or someone to help with the business, I mean asking for support from a friend or family member who can help you with learning how to relax.

5-increase the fun in your life
If you’re stressed you’re probably not having fun.  Make fun a part of your daily schedule; whether crafting, playing ball with your dog, reading books with the kids or something else.  Whatever you enjoy most needs to be part of your life frequently.

What stresses you most about your business? Sharing your struggle can help other business owners accept their stress too.

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