The Business of Earth

In just a couple of weeks we’ve got Earth Day!  It’s one of my favorite holidays because we can all spend the day outside enjoying the sun and nature.  I’ve been listening to a conference called Spring of Sustainability, where lots of individuals of different business, economic and environmental backgrounds have come together to help spread the global consciousness of doing business and living more sustainably.  I don’t think there’s much question about the need for greener and more sustainable practices in both how we live and how we do business, not with all the natural disasters and weather changes we’ve seen over the past decade.  What does “going green” mean to businesses?

1-since it’s such a trend right now, you can profit from it.  If you’re doing especially green practices in your business, many people will be willing to not only pick you over someone else, they’ll usually also be willing to pay more for your services.

2-you’re ahead of the game if you’re green now.  Years down the road we’ll all have to be green, so by getting a head start on it now, you’ll have less fees and challenges when businesses are required to go green.

3-the way I see it, if we kill all the people and animals by not being green, there will be no one to do business with.  It’s pretty simple when you look at it that way.

4-it’s an opportunity for you to show humanity that you’re not just another business, you’re focused on not only giving your clients quality results, but also making a good impact on the world.

What do you think about businesses and “going green?” Share your thoughts below.

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