Family Fun Earth Day

This weekend we have Earth Day!  It’s one of my favorite days of the year for so many reasons.  I have to admit I do love digging in the dirt and helping the flowers and plants grow.  There’s something really satisfying about creating with the amazing world we live in.  I’ve already shared some thoughts on my Creativity Unleashed blog about gardening, keeping the Earth beautiful, Earth Day crafts and some yummy Earth Day recipes, so today we’re going to talk about things you can do as a family.

1-garden.  What kid doesn’t like getting a little dirty?!  Planting flowers not only increase curb appeal, they also make the neighborhood more inviting.

2-have a picnic. Just getting outside this weekend is a way to participate in Earth Day.  Pack a picnic lunch in reusable containers and grab a blanket, and maybe a Frisbee or two and head over to the nearest park.

3-go see a movie.  If it’s raining where you are on Earth Day, there are 4 nature films in theaters this weekend: To the Arctic, Chimpanzee, Last Call at the Oasis, and The Island President.

4-clean your house.  Another rain-related idea is to clean the house.  Having a cleaner, less cluttered house will not only work wonders on the temperaments of family members, you’ll be able to recycle and donate that which you don’t need or want anymore.

5-take a hike!  I love hiking.  It’s a low-stress, minimal expense, exercise option that just about everyone in the family can do.

6-donate.  If you really don’t want to get down and dirty, have the kids (and parents) donate some allowance money to an organization like Wildlife Conservation Network or The Sierra Club.

What will  you do with your family this Earth Day?

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