Do You Know Your Market?

As I work with people on their businesses each week I’m amazed by some of the things I see.  This week I worked with an individual who had an amazing creative talent, but had absolutely no clue about marketing or business.  So I thought it would be a good reminder for all of us to discuss why knowing your market is so important.

1-knowing their likes and interests help you connect with them. 

-building a relationship with them is the quickest way to making someone a repeat customer

-your marketing won’t be on target unless you know about them

-just because you know the other people in your industry, doesn’t mean you know about your customer.

-you can consider sharing additional products or services that would also benefit them

2-knowing what they like helps you build affiliate and joint venture relationships. 

-this means more money for you!

-this also means recommendations on great products that your customers would like given they’re buying from you.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help determine who is in your market:

1-what do they like?

2-what problems do they have?

3-what problem,  issue, concern or want does my product/service satisfy?

Who is your market?  Share your target market, and any suggestions you have for getting to know your market below.

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