Free to Be Mom

Sunday is Mother’s Day!  It’s a great opportunity to recognize the motherly figures in your life who have made a difference.  It can also be a tough day for mothers who don’t feel so, for lack of  better words, successful.  If you’re feeling a little down, join me for a little chat.

First, allow yourself to accept that no mother is perfect.  It’s not easy to accept that you don’t have to be perfect, but you don’t.  The world may trick you into thinking that you have to live up to some perfect TV mother image, but the truth is that you don’t.  You’re only human and allowed to make some mistakes.

Second, know that you’ve done the best you know how so far.  Yes, you could sit and nitpick all the things you did wrong, but that would ruin the chance that you’ve still got to be a great mother.

Third, it’s ok to be a mother who has rules and grounds kids.  Yes, that’s technically in your job description.  It’s a big opportunity to be able to help raise a child (of any age), and part of that opportunity is helping them know what’s good and what’s not so good in life.  Yes, there will be moments that they have to try things out and learn for themselves, but if you’ve shared some good insights along the way they should come out ok.

Fourth, welcome the future.  You’ve still got some time to make a difference as a mom or mom figure in someone’s life.  You can still learn how to be a better person.  You may even be blessed enough to repair any relationships that haven’t gone as well as you would have liked.

Mother’s Day is as much an opportunity for kids to appreciate their mothers as it is for mothers to accept a new lease on motherhood.  Mother’s Day is celebrated one day a year but there are 364 other days that you can do good, learn from (and change) your mistakes and make a difference.

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