Trust in Business

Each month I like to work and write around a theme.  This month’s theme is trust.  As a business owner one of the things you’re trying to do is get people to trust you enough to listen to you and then to buy from you.  Once you’ve got them to trust you and make that first sale, depending on whether they feel their trust was validated or not, they’ll consider buying from you again and referring you to their friends.  So what can we, as business owners, do to help build that trust?

1-be available.  If you don’t have multiple ways for people to contact you on your website (or don’t have a website!), you’re missing out on a chance to build trust.  Include a phone number, email address and contact form on your website.

2-be consistent.  If you find yourself blogging and on Twitter, Facebook  just once a week, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities to connect with people and build a relationship with them.  I recommend posting inspiring and helpful content daily on Facebook, posting content on Twitter several times a day, and blogging at least once a week, not to mention the time you should spend on Facebook and Twitter connecting with other people and businesses.  I also suggest that you send out a weekly newsletter.  Depending on who you’re building a relationship with they may only subscribe to your newsletter or connect with you on Twitter.

3-promise what you can deliver.  If you don’t think you can improve someone’s sales to be over $1 million, don’t say that you can!  If you know you can do $50 thousand, it’s better to do that and over deliver whenever possible.

4-be open.  The shady people of the world don’t exactly ooze trust.  If you want people to trust you, you don’t have to be a naked book, just an open one.

What do you do to help build trust in business?

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