Restful, Organized Rooms

May 10th was national clean up your room day.  As a home organizer I get asked all the time “where do we start?!”  Here are my top 5 starting points:

1-clean out!  You can’t keep buying stuff and expect that there will be room for it all, no matter how big your house or closet is.  I suggest that every spring or fall, whenever you get that “cleaning bug”, you take a couple of minutes (or an hour) to immediately get rid of stuff you don’t like or doesn’t fit, and “mark,” either with a label or special hanger, items that you don’t think you like but aren’t ready to get rid of.  If a year later they’re still on that special hanger and you haven’t worn them, it’s a pretty safe bet you can get rid of them.

2-get it off the floor.  I’m absolutely guilty of missing the hamper some days and feeling too lazy to pick it up.  That said, I do have a hamper that’s easily accessible and room for all my clothes in my closet.  If you’ve got clothes all over the floor or your room, either your storage system isn’t effective or, back to suggestion 1, you’ve got too much stuff.

3-get an organization system.  Even if you don’t want to invest in a professionally designed organization system yet, until you’re ready you can buy boxes, drawers and shelving to help yourself organize what you have.

4-get your kids (and partners) involved.  Make it easy for them to do their part.  Have boxes and storage at a good level for your kids with pictures on the outside so they know what goes where.  Also get them a hamper so they can put their dirty clothes in there.  For your partner, simple laminated labels or sticky notes can help direct the clean up on a regular basis.

5-do it often.  If you clean up your room once a year, and don’t have a family or kids, that’s probably ok.  But if you’ve got a partner or kids, you’ll want to do it monthly if not weekly so it doesn’t get completely overwhelming.

As they always say, the first step to resolving a problem is admitting you have one. What do you struggle with in getting your home organized?


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