Progress Check

It’s been a busy couple of months for me, I hope you have had similar success. I subscribe to a bunch of inspirational and business related newsletters, as you probably do too.  One of the people I follow is Dr. Dan Reiland, today’s thoughts are inspired by one of his recent articles.  Here are 10 good questions to evaluate your business.

1. In what ways is the unique culture of your business helping you make progress? (Why do the specifics of what you do help you make progress in your business and with your clients?)

2. Are you developing new leaders and how are you doing that?

3. What are the financial indicators telling you?

4. When you think of the majority of your leaders, what impression comes to mind?

5. How would you describe the overall morale of your business?

6. Are you on mission? (Are you accomplishing what you set out to do?)

7. Do your clients enthusiastically invite others to work or connect with you?

8. Are you growing personally and professionally?

9. Are you seeing results in your client’s lives and businesses?

10. What will you change/keep/do in the future?

As Dr. Dan Reiland said, it’s not just about reading the questions, it’s about responding and taking action in response to your answers.  What things have these questions revealed to you about your business?

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