Great Outdoors-Looking Good!

This month we’re going to be spending most Fridays taking a tour of the USA and a couple of dream destinations and celebrating Great Outdoors Month.  Today, we’re going to take a look at some places those of you who enjoy taking tons of pictures would like.

Joshua Tree

This beautiful park nestled in California has 12 trails you can hike to get lots of great pictures, view the desert plants and get to know this Dr. Seuss like tree.  If you want more Joshua Tree, you can even camp overnight in the park.  You can learn more, and plan your trip, here.


This park on the coastal edge of Maine is filled with amazing plants, animals and scenery.  While you’re here taking pictures you can also do some hiking and biking along the trails.  Don’t forget to visit the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse while you’re there!  You can learn more, and see alerts about closed areas, here.


This wild and crazy park found throughout Florida  is home to mangrove trees, alligators and lots of birds. While you can do boating, there are plenty of trails for those who are suspicious of those living in the water.  You can learn more here.


Arches National Park is found in Utah, and is a crazy collection of rocks that has been created into arches by nature.  You can hike around the arches, see Wolfe cabin, and capture the sunset as it colors the arches.  You can learn more here.


This park is more like 3 parks in one.  There is an ocean coast, mountains and lush forest for you to explore and capture on video or film. Located in Washington, this park’s ancient forests, cool tidepools and wildflowers will have you busy for hours!  You can plan your trip here.


I think one of the most fascinating parks is Redwood simply for the size of nature here.  This park in California is the only place we can view these enormous trees.  Don’t worry, there are also streams, woodlands, prairies and animals to check out here too!   If you’d like to learn more, visit here.


Last but not least today we look at Yellowstone.  This park has parts in 3 states, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, and is filled with geysers, animals, trees, and luscious landscapes. It’s rich heritage and history are evident throughout the park’s lodges and cabins as well as on the trails.  Start planning your trip here.

Have you visited any of these locations?  Which was your favorite?

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