Great Outdoors-Ready for Romance

Last week we started our USA National Parks tour with some super scenic ideas.  This week we’re stopping at some of the most romantic national parks throughout the USA.

Rocky Mountain National Park:
If you’re looking for romance and fun, the beautiful vistas of the Colorado Rocky Mountain will certainly inspire some special moments. Take long walks, hike to quiet places, and take in the stars.  You can learn more at the national park website.

Virgin Islands National Park
What’s better than an island for romance?  This group of islands boasts beaches, hills and reefs, fun for all types!  Action, tranquility, seclusion, shopping and beaches, what more could you want?  Learn more about your next island getaway here.

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
If you’re up for a little adventure, there are camping, horseback riding and other fun activities to do in the California Santa Monica Mountains.  There are also some great little historic spots and ranches you can tour.   It’s also recommended to watch the sunset here. Start to plan your trip here.

Oxon Cove Park, Maryland
It may not be your first thought, but try taking a scenic wagon ride.  It’s an opportunity to not just see the sights, and relax while seeing them, it’s also a chance for you to talk together.  You can also get the inside scoop on a farm or take a short walk through the woods.  Learn more about the romantic, and family fun, activities here.

Padre Island National Seashore
Try something new and go birding at Padre Island.  It’s a beautiful stretch of beach where you can see turtles, relax and take long romantic walks.  This Texas hotspot is definitely one I want to check out.  You can learn more here.

Haleakala National Park
Last but not least, our romantic tour takes us to one of the most romantic locations in the world-Hawaii.  Haleakala is slightly less well known than other Hawaiian spots, so you might be able to beat the crowds.  Here you can visit volcanoes or the 7 sacred pools with beautiful waterfalls.  A cabin to stay in completes the experience.

What are your favorite and most romantic USA park spots?  Share your memories below.

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