Get it Done!

Today we’re going to spend some time talking about leadership and the importance of getting things done as a leader.  Leaders don’t just show people how to do things or lead them, they ultimately help to accomplish things.  To get things done you need 3 things:

A compelling purpose.  If you don’t have a purpose that really motivates you, you won’t be motivated to get it done.  And if you’re not motivated to accomplish it, neither will anyone who follows you.

A clear perspective.  Conquering big goals can be scary.  But leaders don’t let the fear stand in their way of accomplishing things.  Even when the fear is great they continue to focus on the future and what they’re working to accomplish.view of the future.

Courageous persistence.  No matter what happens leaders keep going.  They keep going until their goal becomes a reality.  They keep going until they get the right task and purpose, no matter how many times they fail.  They don’t let the obstacles become goal-killers, instead they learn how to work around, through and over them.

What has stopped you as a leader?  Are there things holding you back from accomplishing your goals and the goals you’ve put before those you’re leading?

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