Service with a Smile

One of the biggest trends and issues in business is customer service.  Not all customer service is alike, as I’m sure you’ve discovered.  Sometimes you have a really good experience, and other times you make mental notes not to visit that store or cashier again.  And if the experience is that bad, you go and tell friends or the online community about your bad experience.  So what does this mean to us business owners?  It means that your customer service, and not your actual product, is often what will cause a customer to become a client for life or a hater for life.  Let’s take a look at a couple of aspects of the experience.

1-every interaction with you or your employees is an experience.  When people are involved in the transaction (which is every transaction), whether online or offline, with you or your business they have an experience.  If your website isn’t working right or isn’t helpful to them, or if your employee was having an off day, they have a not so good experience.  It’s not easy, but can be done, to turn that bad experience into a good one.

2-always serve with a smile.  Having a smile on your face whether on the phone or in person shows your customers that you’re happy to have them and serve them.  Everyone likes being smiled at and you instantly feel welcomed and appreciated for shopping there.  While it’s not appropriate to smile when a customer is sharing a serious complaint with you, you can still have a positive attitude and approach the situation with maturity and openness.

3-the experience determines what the customer spends.  If your customer is having a great experience, they’ll likely spend more.  And if they can’t spend more with you, they’ll at least tell their friends to spend money with you.

The lesson here is that every individual is having experiences on a daily basis.  The way they regard those experiences can be changed or determined by the guidelines and standards you set up in your business.  You may not be able to fix all the issues in other businesses, but you can do something about yours.  What do you do to create an amazing customer experience in your business?  Share your tips below.

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