Great Outdoors-Historic Places

Today we’re finishing up our look at some of the USA’s best national treasures and historic parks with a look at four of the most historical sites.  Each and every site that has been placed into the National Park Service has it’s own, very important history and has played an important role in the development of the USA.  You may have parks that stand out to you historically more than the group I’ll be mentioning today, and I’d love to hear your stories and memories about those parks.

New Orleans Jazz

We start our tour today off in Louisiana at the birthplace of Jazz.  Music is sacred and central to many cultures and countries, including the USA.  Jazz brought new life to many aspects of American culture, and helped transform some of the older cultural aspects into ones that embrace that America is a land of the free.  If you’d like to experience live concerts and step back in time to the late 1800’s, New Orleans is the place for you.

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

These two American treasures are located right next to NYC and represent hope, friendship and a new life that many have found in the USA since it’s beginnings in the 1400’s.  I think there’s something about this location and all the people that came through here, lived here and even died here that has added to the interest and history of this place.  It isn’t just the location of a president or one individual, but rather millions of stories and lives.  You can check out the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and be part of the story too.


This location is known as the turning point of the Civil War, and a point that was the beginning of reuniting a country.  Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is a location of soldiers, stories, death, war, sadness and hope.  It was pivotal in bringing back together the “United” States of America.  It’s a place that represents leaving the past behind and moving on to the future, something we’re doing as a world currently.  You can visit Gettysburg with it’s historical battlefields, ghost legends and discover for yourself why Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address.

Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell

“All men created equal” this historic spot proclaims.   Visiting Independence and the Liberty Bell are a great reminder of the foundation of a country and the impressive ideals that men set up for her.  At times we’ve failed, as do people in their own lives, and we have much work to do if we’re to attain those goals.  But Philidephia, Pennsylvania is a reminder of the hopes and dreams that the Founding Fathers had for our country, and the example they hoped they, and we, could set for the rest of the world.  They should serve as a reminder and inspiration for us today as we chart our own course for the future.

We’ve been all across the USA this month, to places of beauty, romance, water and history.  Now it’s your turn, what are your favorite places across the US?

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