Freedom of Business

This month on the social networks and blogs we’re talking about freedom.  It’s an important topic for many reasons, and is one of the most frequently expressed reasons for starting a business and not working a job.  Let’s start at the beginning:

Everyone defines freedom differently.  I may see freedom as working at 2am.  You may see freedom as working in your PJ’s.  You probably already know what freedoms you’re looking for if you’re thinking about leaving your job.  If you already are in business for yourself you probably can remember back to what you originally thought you wanted in the way of freedom.  That may still be the case, but you may have discovered a thing or two about freedom since then.

Second, not everyone cares about your freedoms.  Whether you like it or not the world is full of demanding people.  Some of those people you’ll see right off the bat won’t respect you and the decisions you’ve made.  Sometimes you can make accommodations for those people.  Often, you’ll just have to put your foot down and say no.

Finally, your freedoms are what makes you unique.  In the USA we take certain things for granted, because they’ve been declared as “freedoms”.  Other countries have different freedoms.  Depending on what freedoms you prefer will help you determine where you live.  Likewise, what you’ve chosen to base your business upon will help you set yourself apart from similar businesses.

Ultimately it comes down to freedom being one of the best things in life.  With your words and actions you show the world how much the freedoms you have chosen mean to you.  What freedoms have you chosen in your business?

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