Observing the Olympics

It doesn’t matter where you live, you’ve probably heard that it’s an Olympic year.  As I was noticing it, well, everywhere, I was reminded what a great family experience this is.  Here are some of my reasons for watching (or attending) with your family.

1-it’s a great opportunity to share and learn about different cultures.  You can not only help your kids learn the different flags and colors and what countries they belong to, and be exposed to different types of people, you can even go so far as to have different foods during the events to get your kids to try different things.

2-it’s clean fun.  There are bound to be some mistakes and some less-than-perfect people attending, but overall watching a sports-themed event is pretty straight forward.  And those mistakes and human issues are great opportunities to talk about touchy subjects with your kids if they’re old enough.

3-it’s a great chance to learn about new sports.  Growing up I always enjoyed watching the gymnastics, but now I realize there are so many more sports that you can watch.  You never know what your kids will be interested by and want to pursue.

4-you’e all together.  Yes, it’s simply an excuse to get the whole family in the same room at the same time.

5-it makes for lots of fun play afterwards.  If you can really get your kids interested, you’re guaranteed fun play ideas for months to come.

Are you planning on watching with your family, and what do you look forward to most?

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