Leaders Listen

Happy Wednesday and welcome to August!  Today we begin a new topic, as you may have guessed, and that topic is leadership!  It saddens me that so many people around the world assume that they can’t be leaders for one reason or another.  Simply, I believe anyone can be a leader.  We don’t all lead businesses, some of us lead kids and others lead animals, yet we all have a role to play.  Throughout the month we’ll be looking at leadership from different angles, and I hope to inspire you to be a great leader to those you choose to impact.

Today we’re going to start the conversation by talking about an essential aspect of leadership that is hard for most people: listening.  It’s super hard to sit and listen when people are saying things you don’t agree with or looking to you for guidance but talking too much for you to get a word in edgewise.  But as a leader it’s your job to listen for the important keys that these people tell you so that when you do have the chance to say something you’ll be able to speak directly to their core issues.  Often the solution is found in what people aren’t saying, and as a good listening leader you can catch those things.

How are you as a listener?  Is listening the first thing you do?  Do you listen to the whole of what people are saying or do you cut in when you should let them finish?  What do you struggle with most about listening?

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