Simple Organizing

This week is National Simplify Your Life week in the USA.  Today I’ve got some suggestions to help you busy families get and stay organized.

First, get rid of what’s in the way.  If you don’t think, even with a professional organizer or great storage system, you can get everything off the floors, you’ve got way too much stuff.  At this point it’s essential to get rid of some of the stuff you don’t use, won’t use or could buy again relatively cheaply if you had to.

Second, get a storage system.  It doesn’t have to be a super fancy thousands-of-dollars expense, but it should be strong, adaptable and sturdy enough to hold your belongings for years to come.  It should also be easy enough for your kids and partner to put stuff away when you’re too tired, or just because it’s their stuff.

Third, store what you want to keep. This is an important step.  Label your boxes and storage units, put just about away everything.  The only things that should be kept in easy reach or out are things you use on an almost daily basis.  These items shouldn’t be lying around but can be kept in baskets or other easy to access containers.

Fourth, repeat.  The point of simplifying your life by organizing it is so that your life can improve.  You can’t do all the organizing and just expect that it will stay beautiful, you have to repeat as necessary.  Is it as hard?  No, definitely not.  It is always easier cleaning up and putting things back in their homes than getting started.

What will you do to simplify your life this week?


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