Leaders Guide

Today we’re on week 2 of our discussion on leadership.  Let’s start with a question: who are some of the best leaders you know, and why?  Depending on the time and situation, there could be many reasons for a leader being great, but one of them is because leaders help to bring motion where there previously was stagnancy, laziness, or confusion.  Leaders, both good and bad, help create a focus and direction for the organization they’re working with.  What helps leaders be positively effective to a company? I think Peter Drucker said it well:

“Making good decisions is a crucial skill at every level.”

If you’re able to make good decisions, decisions that are in the best interests of the business either immediately or long term, you’re going in the right direction.  As a leader, it’s your job to create a great vision for a company and/or help the company fulfill their vision. Typically leaders don’t just set the vision, they help people attain the goals they’ve set and bring that vision for greater good to life.

If you’re not a decisive individual, or you have trouble making decisions in situations with others, you’ve got some work to do!  Good decisions are based on a combination of 3 things: knowledge, experience and intuition.  If you’re making decisions without one or more of those factors, you may not reach the vision or you may reach it but it won’t be the success it could have been if you used all 3 factors.

As a good leader you’re also setting the example for the people you’re working with on how to make good decisions.  It’s important to not just make decisions for people, but teach them how to make good decisions as well.

This week I encourage you to think about the decisions you’re making, and how you’re making them.  What are your thoughts on decision making?

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