Leaders Act

This month we’re talking about leadership.  It’s important to recognize the need in the world for great leaders, people who are sensitive to the needs of others and have a vision for the future.  Today we’re talking about one of the most important aspects of being a leader, taking action.  As a leader it’s important to not just proclaim a vision and listen to people, but to also follow through and lead the people in action.  Are there good leaders who just cast visions?  Yes, those leaders typically have a great team of people who act behind them.  But most leaders have to do some things to solidify the importance and commitment in the eyes and minds of their followers.

Most effective action must take place regarding a cause you are passionate about.  It’s easy to show up and look good but actions speak louder than words.  If you aren’t willing to get down and dirty for your cause you should rethink what you’re working on.

Your actions set the pace for the rest of your team and your followers.  If you appear to be careless or unenthusiastic about the cause, your followers won’t believe that it’s really important. Do you have to be on fire all the time?  No, but your actions and words should convey your passion for the cause.

Finally, leaders get involved.  If you’re serious about being a leader, not only will you be involved in your cause, but you’ll also show your support to other worthy people and events.  Recently Willow Creek hosted their annual Leadership Summit, an opportunity for people around the world to gather together and hear from some of the top world and business leaders about leadership and life today.  Leaders showed up to share their insights and support Bill Hybels and his team in their quest to raise up strong, healthy leaders.

What do your actions say about your leadership?

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