Just Julia

Today we’re celebrating two August birthdays, those of Julia Child and Mother Teresa.  These two women have made an impact on our world in ways we’ll always be grateful for and learning from.  Julia Child, as we’ll talk about here, taught us about life and family through her cooking.

Julia was best known for cooking but didn’t develop the passion until later in life.  As parents and those involved with children we always hope that they’ll find their path, but we don’t always appreciate the time that it takes to get there.  Julia tried several things, and did them well, but somehow cooking, a lesser appreciated skill for many today, was what spoke to her.  It’s easy to say she should have stuck with one of the other successful endeavors she worked in, but that would be denying her true passion and ability.

Julia began her career in the kitchen with a couple other women and a book they wrote to bring the french culinary recipes and styles to the American people.  Right from the start Julia understood that cooking, and life, is about bringing people together.  Yes, there will always be chefs and people who will do things in grand fashion, but let’s face it, not everyone in the world lives on the stage.

Julia believed in educating and entertaining. Somewhere along the line people started a rumor that true learning must be boring.  This isn’t the case for food or for life.  As a parent you do want your kids to appreciate the quiet moments, but you also want them to learn.  The best way for people to learn is for them to become engaged and excited in what they’re doing, and often entertainment does that.

One of the biggest things I learned from watching Julia Child while growing up was about her passion for life and food.  Life is always better when there’s passion and food involved.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the quiet moments, but when it comes to family food and heart are always first.

What are your thoughts on Julia Child as we celebrate her birthday?

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