Back to School Family Fun

Well, school has arrived for just about all of us here in the USA.  For many families this means crazy schedules, grumpy mornings and boring homework.  So with summer just behind us, I thought we should talk about some fun things you can do as a family even though school has begun.

First, get outside.  The fall is a great time for outdoor activities because it’s not too hot.  It’s the perfect time to go on hikes and long bike rides as a family on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  Fall is also a great time to visit a pumpkin patch or apple orchard and sample some of the flavors of the season.  If you’re up for something different, try roasting marshmallows outside one night before bed or grab some blankets and hot cider and check out some of the stars.

Second, take time off.  Being realistic with your schedule doesn’t mean you have to be bored or not involved, it means that you pick and choose the things you’re all involved in so there’s time for kids to be kids, relaxing, book reading, TV watching, healthy food, and even time for some unexpected opportunities.

Finally, try to make school fun.  Just about every parent has the ability to help your kids enjoy and better apply the lessons they’re learning in school.  Yes, there will be homework to do, but who said that the homework couldn’t be done in a specially created castle or bat cave?   Museums and projects don’t have to be boring, they just take a little creativity to make them interesting.  Best of all, if you are able to put some fun into school lessons on a regular basis, you can be honest with your kids when they do have a really boring or difficult assignment.

What about you?  What do you do to stay balanced and have fun during the school year?

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