Grateful for Grandparents

Why am I grateful?  Well, I’ve been blessed to know 3 of my grandparents, these 3 people have made a profound impact on who I am as a person and who I want to raise my kids to be.  As we celebrate National Grandparent’s Day on Sunday, I thought I’d share a few lessons from them.

Enjoy life.  Each of my grandparents enjoyed life differently. My grandfather enjoyed books, my grandma gardening and my other grandmother cooking.  They’ve all passed on their joys to me in different ways, and have shown me that even when life is tough the treasures that we find in each day make life worth living.

Laugh.  All of my grandparents, even the one grandfather I never knew, taught me the value of laughter.  One of the few pictures I have of that grandfather is laughing with my grandma.  Whether any of my grandparents were laughing with friends and family, watching something funny on TV, telling stories about their day or adventures, I always knew they could cheer me up.

Silence is golden. My grandfather was a quiet man, but he was sharp.  He knew how to have a good time, how to carry on a conversation, and how to just observe what was going on.  I felt that his silence spoke volumes about his strength and character, and at the same time I wish he had shared some of his life stories before passing away a few years ago.

Enjoy each other.  While the last few years of my grandfather’s life wasn’t easy on their relationship, he and my grandmother taught me a lot about how a relationship evolves over time.  They had plenty in common yet enjoyed their separate activities.  Yes, I witnessed a few arguments, I still laugh when I think of the face my grandmother would get when they were disagreeing over something, yet through their 50 plus years together they made it work.

Every generation has something to teach the next, but it’s up to us to decide how we’re going to impact the next generation.  It’s almost guaranteed that your relatives will talk about you after you’re gone, what will they say, how will they react and what will you do to make those memories good ones?

One thought on “Grateful for Grandparents

  1. My husband’s grandparents have also influenced my life. His paternal grandmother passed away when he was three yet she and I have much in common, especially writing and music. His maternal grandmother I knew the longest of all eight of our grandparents, she was the epitome of patience, elegance, and family devotion. I often told her in the last few of her 92 years — when I grow up I want to be just like you. Again I owe deep gratitude.

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