The Choices of Change

In business we sometimes get lucky and get it totally right the first time.  More often than not though, we have to try and try again to find success and learn what works best for our businesses.  It’s not always easy to know what the “right” change is, and sometimes it’s more than one change that’s needed.  So what are some changes that can be made to dramatically help or hurt your business?

The biggest and most important thing to look at first is the mission, purpose and vision of the business.  If you’ve unknowingly made a change to any of these things, your business could be sinking or deflecting customers who feel that something doesn’t line up.  One thing to check when you’re considering change is how that change lines up with the business you’ve created and if it feels right with your mission and purpose for the business.

Marketing is one of the things that people automatically think of when they think about changing things in the business.  Often, it is a good idea to check and change your marketing frequently to make sure it’s fresh and still serving the purpose you want it too.  Marketing isn’t as simple as just getting people to buy stuff anymore, it’s about bringing people into a bigger conversation which includes how you can help them.

Finally, check what you’re offering.  Maybe what you’re offering isn’t of value or need anymore, like cassette tapes, or maybe you’re just in need of some new services or products to better compliment the business, give you more flexibility and accessibility, or help your business go in a new direction.

If you’re thinking about change, make sure you’ve thought about whether it will help or hurt your business before making serious steps in that direction. Weigh the pros and cons, and consider all your options too (not just the ones you like). Change isn’t bad, in fact, change is helpful, especially when it’s done with consideration.

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