Grateful in Business

It’s not Thanksgiving yet, but I can’t help but think about gratitude, especially with World Gratitude Day on the 21st.  As business owners we have many reasons to be thankful.

The first that comes to most of our minds is that we’re free to choose how, when and on what we work.  We don’t always get to do just what we love, but we are quickly reminded that even those less-than-perfect tasks all help us lead the life we want to live, and many of us choose to hire-out for those needs.

Second, we get to choose who we work with.  We’re not stuck in an office or on a job working for people who complicate our job and make us dread Monday morning, we’re able to choose our employees, as well as the people we work for to a great extent.

But what it really means, is that we need to show our gratitude to those we work with.  I know how fortunate I am to have been able to start my own business, and I always try to reflect that back to my clients.  It’s not about going above and beyond what I’ve agreed to do all the time, it’s about showing the clients that I value and appreciate their trust.  There are tons of ways besides time, discounts and money, like remembering their name and preferences, that you can, specific to your business, brand and personality, let your clients know you value them.

What it comes down to is choices.  You’ve made the choice to be in business, and each day you’ve got more choices and opportunities to share that gratitude with everyone that comes in contact with your business. What are you grateful for about your business, and what can you do to show the people who matter how appreciative you are?


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