What Matters Most

Each day we get up and live our lives the best way we know how.  Sometimes we don’t do such a good job and other times we don’t try at all.  The days that we do our best and feel the most satisfied are days where we live our purpose, treat others right and are blessed with little surprises along the way.  As a family, it’s important to know what matters most to the people in your lives so you can properly support each other.  So what should matter most, no matter who you are?

Fun: Yes, you need fun in your life!  Maybe that’s kids for you, maybe watching football, or maybe eating with friends.  Whatever is fun to you is important.  Something our bodies need is to have fun, relax and enjoy life.  I’m not talking about going overboard and being in a club or at a dinner party every night, I’m talking about knowing how to have at least a little fun each day, both by yourself and with others.

People: You can’t survive in this world without people.  Well, I suppose you could live on a mountain all by yourself in a hut made from fallen tree branches, but that wouldn’t really be living.  True living begins when you surround yourself with people who are fun, like-minded, interesting and occasionally a challenge.  Other people are here to play an important role in our journey and for us to do the same for them.  If you don’t think people matter to you, or if you’ve put people low on your list of important things, you’ll want to reconsider.

Love: I’m talking about all kinds of love here: romantic, pet, kid and parents, business partners, and the way you feel about things in your life.  Fun is an important aspect of life, it’s kind of like the icing on the cake.  But when you add love to the mix, your life experience has the potential to become 100 times richer.

What about you?  What matters in your life?  Do you take the time to show that it matters or are you so busy just trying to get by?

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