5 Things to Organize in your Business

The first week in October is known as Get Organized week in the USA.  To help you be a better business owner, today I’ve got some tips about getting organized in your business.

1-what you do.  I’m of the opinion that if you keep track of what you do, preferably on paper or at the very least notated on the computer, you’ll be able to repeat the performance if it’s favorable, and make changes when you try again.  I keep a record of classes I teach, things that worked well in speaking with clients, what other people do that I think is interesting or relevant, and anything else I think I’ll want to be able to reference in the future.  It may even help you to be able to see what you’ve done and what you’re doing written out.  I have a file folder near my desk as well as a spiral notebook that I use to keep many of these notes in.

2-social strategies.  Everyone is on social media, but not everyone has a plan, nor do they keep track of what they’re sharing.  I have a document that holds all my social posts and tweets for the year and I use that not only to plan what I’m sharing ahead of time but also as a reference and resource for the next year of sharing.  I like using Excel to do this as it’s easy to sort and organize the info.

3-content creation.  Content is one of they ways you show who you are and your unique perspective to prospective and current clients.  It’s good to come up with a plan for monthly and yearly content you’re sharing on your blogs and newsletters so you can not only plan ahead, but also look back and see what you’ve done.  You can use a traditional wall calendar, an Excel spreadsheet or Word document to keep track and plan ahead.

4-yearly/monthly/weekly plans.  One of the worst things you can do for your business and your clients is to not have a plan for what you’re doing, what you’re offering and what you’re marketing.  I begin with a written or typed outline, from there I use a calendar, spreadsheet or document to list details and references.

5-clients. Keeping track of your clients, their needs, their wants, their locations, your contracts and any other important information will help you better serve them in the future. I suggest having a file folder for each client, as well as a file on your computer for all relevant information about them.  The more clients you have, the harder it gets to keep track of them, so set up your system as early as possible in the business.

At the very least I update all my records and files monthly, and do a yearly check-in to make sure that my notes are all up to date.

What about you?  What are your favorite ways to get and stay organized in your business?

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