Family Awareness

As I’ve shared in past years, October is a time to talk about some of the more life-changing things in life, including Breast Cancer, Lupus, Diabetes and domestic violence.  In 2012, most people have been affected or know someone affected by one of those things.  Today I wanted to talk about talking with your kids about these things.

Learn about it: Although they’re not something you can “catch”, it’s important to know about them and, especially in the case of domestic violence, what you can do to prevent it.

Be open: don’t ignore the fact that people have Breast Cancer or get beat up by their spouses.  It’s become a fact of life, almost as prevalent as blue eyes or brown hair. Don’t shush your kids because they ask you about it either.

Don’t fear it: your fear will make your kids fear it and could, in turn, hurt someone who is personally affected.  Are they scary experiences? Yes, absolutely.  But your fear won’t help anyone in any way.

Get involved: getting involved in supporting others is easy.  There are tons of walks you can attend, as well as organizations you can donate to.  Find one that means something to you personally, like a walk for someone who had breast cancer in your neighborhood, or a walk remembering a little boy in your kid’s class who was killed by violence.

Getting involved personally, and with your kids, will help them learn how to treat others who are struggling, and help educate them in how to treat others right and help turn the tide against violence and fear.  Together we can do more than separate.  What will you do to help spread the awareness?


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