Family History

October is chock full of fun events and remembrances. One of those is Family History.  It’s important to talk with your family about it’s history, not so much to share dates and to bore your kids, but because there are fascinating stories and real life people who make you who you are today.  If you couldn’t tell from my last statement, I’m not a big fan of  “textbook” history.  I don’t really think about numbers and facts in my daily life, what I do care about is the people.  Should you and your kids learn and share your family history?

As I said before, it’s the people who make up history, not the numbers, and everyone has a story.  Maybe their story isn’t a very interesting one in today’s standards, but it gives you insight into the skills, talents, and passions of those who came before you.  When you find out that your ancestor was part of the wagon train heading west, found gold in California, or mended the clothing of politicians in Washington DC, you discover your very real connection to what happened in the past.

Where can you learn about your family? is an obvious choice, but there may be documents at local and state libraries, if you know a location to start looking, that can get you other information.  And if you’re interested in hearing other people’s stories, shows like History Detectives are fun to watch.

What about you?  What fun stories do you have in your family tree?

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