Business Focus

Creating and running a business isn’t easy.  It’s hard to know what to focus on and how to best use your resources of time, money and people.  Depending on who you talk to, there are a number of things to focus on.  7 of those areas could be:

Mindset: your mindset in creating your business sets the tone and attitude for your business.  Your employees and clients will choose to work with you or not based on the tone you set in your business and way you treat them.  It also helps determine your success and longevity.

Niche: this is choosing the people you serve.  Depending on what you do and who your ideal clients are will determine your niche.  Early in your business you may have an idea, but as you really develop the business you may discover that your initial niche isn’t your true niche.

Product/Service: this is what you do and how you do it.  If you’re a product based company, you probably won’t have too many changes ones the product is produced and designed, unless you decide to add more features or additional products.  For service businesses you may decide to offer one service and then decide that additional services may better suit you or your clients or you may find that you want to do something completely different.

Marketing: telling people that you’re open for business and spreading word of mouth to get clients is important.  Your marketing includes the copy, communications, image, and branding that make up your advertisements.   Presenting a unified and appropriate marketing strategy is important to connecting with your potential customers.

Focus: as a business owner lots of things will try for your attention.  It’s important to keep your focus on things that only you can do.  Outsourcing or using a virtual assistant, as well as hiring employees are a few ways to help you keep your focus on the important stuff and not on the less-important stuff like paperwork or daily tasks that don’t need your direct input.  You should focus on growing and improving the business and improving the value you provide to your customers.

Actions: if you’re not taking action in your business, with new marketing and actively connecting and communicating with your customers you won’t get repeat customers nor will you be in business for very long.  Businesses that look and feel dead to visitors will soon be.

People: Starbucks has said it well: “we’re not in the coffee business serving people, we’re in the people business serving coffee”.  No matter what type of business you have, you have to remember that you’re ultimately selling to and working with people.  These people deserve to be treated well and happy people are better workers and more dedicated to you and your business.

Do you work on these 7 areas in your business?  Which area do you need to work on more?

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