Let’s Read Together!

One of my strongest memories growing up is of reading.  My family instilled a love of reading in me, and always encouraged us to spend time reading or being outside.  My love of reading definitely helped in school and being well read has helped me in my business as well.  So what are some creative ways you can help your kids learn to love reading?

1-let them read what they want.  No, don’t let them read slasher novels at age 6, but don’t restrict their choices to only books that you read or books that you 100% approve of.

2-get them to read in other ways, such as creating a “thanksgiving jar” and having them read the contents at the end of the week

3-provide incentives.  Some kids will read for money, others like other incentives like food, treats, TV time or time alone with mom or dad.

4-share books.  If you don’t have a public library near you, connect with some of the other local parents and trade books around so that you don’t always have to purchase new books to interest your kids.

5-have family reading time.  Pick a chapter book that you can read as a family over the course of a week or several weeks.  It’s an opportunity to be together as a family and spend time reading.

What do you do as a family to encourage reading?


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