Business Building Legacies

This month, in addition to a look at being thankful, our theme is legacy.  Typically a legacy is defined as something handed down to you/us from the past.  I believe legacy is a little more involved than a simple passing on of items or money.  You can read more of my thoughts on that here, and the important thing to realize is that you have the ability to impact or create, to some extent, your legacy.

As a business owner, you’re not only in charge of your present life, and your future, but also the legacy you leave behind.  You’re doing more than filling a position and being part of stories that will remain after you leave, you’re impacting many lives and creating something that has present and possibly future ramifications.

You’re not just instrumental in creating the legacy you leave, but the legacy created by your company and the people who work for your company.  For example, Steve Job’s legacy is intertwined with Apple, Bill Gates with Microsoft, Emeril Lagasse with cooking, and Barack Obama with the presidency just to name a few.  The things these people have done is not about them anymore, it’s about the company as a whole and all the people affected by it too.

With that in mind, would you do anything different with your company?  Do you think you’ll like the legacy you’re shaping through and with your company?  If you don’t like the direction presently, there’s a good chance you won’t like the future legacy either.  I encourage you, as we head into the last few weeks of the year to look at your company and your life and see not only the immediate future impact but also the legacy impact that you and your work will have on the area and the world.  Would you make changes?


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