December Dollars

It’s almost December, a month of spending and the end of the year for many businesses.  As we prepare for the festive celebrations that December brings, I thought we’d talk about money today.

1-be generous:

This holiday season I encourage you to be generous to your family, friends, clients and yourself.  You don’t have to spend amounts of money that you can’t make back or offer discounts that will break you financially, but you can show your family and clients in little ways that you’re thankful for them.

2-spend wisely:

Since it’s a given that you’re going to be spending money this month, spend it wisely.  Put it in gifts that will last or that people really want.  Invest in other companies and in services and products that will support you for what you need now and in the long run.

3-plan for January:

As a business you may be struggling to bring in money right now.  If so, stop worrying about having clients this month and start booking for January dates.  You can have them pay half or full price now to get some money in your business this month.  As a family, it’s important to not spend more than you can pay back in a reasonable amount of time.  If you’re still going to be paying off the credit card bill next December, you’re spending way too much.

One last though for businesses, use December’s less booked schedule to prepare your marketing materials for the next year.  It’s a great use of time and money to get prepared now and be all set or mostly set for the next year.  As for families, take advantage of the toys that are coming in and do a little cleaning and donate toys to some of the families affected by Sandy and other financial struggles at this time.

What are your thoughts and words of advice about December spending?

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